" P O R T R A I T "

"Art is developing where this endless
and restless longing for spirituality,
this longing for an ideal is omnipresent.
There, people are gathering around art.
But in art not individuality is proclaimed -
art is serving another, more universal and higher idea."
Andrej Tarkowskij


AUTUMN is an artist circle ~ Its aim is synthesis of the arts by combining music, fine arts and literature using avant-garde, traditional and classical elements of various cultural complexes ~ The group is formed by very different individuals whose individuality is flowing into the entirety of AUTUMN ~ A paradoxical polarity is the guideline of the conception, filled with subliminal inconsistencies reflection is always omnipresent as a central motive ~ The results are soundscapes completed with lyrical vocals, spoken words and visualizations – music and art performances, exhibitions as well as audio/visual concept releases under the motto "music for inner films”.



Founded in October 1984, the group’s manifesto and two years of stylistic development followed ~ After some first performances and a period of exhibitions in various galleries and clubs in the 80s and 90s the circle started concentrating on composing and recording a serial of concept albums ~ Recently in addition to it the realization of music and art performances with a changing line-up has again become an important activity of this collective ~ So all participants of the AUTUMN Artist Circle are border crossers in modern art for more than 30 years.



Aydan Ay, Bernd Baumeister, Thomas Buchner, Mariann Kiss, Kathrin Koller, Matthias Reinwald, Christian Roth, Nicolai Seuss, Robert Skerjanc, Greti Steinmüller, Brigitte Christine Tretter, Florian Zeilhofer

There have always been numerous guest musicians and artists incorporated into the activities of the AUTUMN Artist Circle.